Lampung – Pahawang

Pahawang Islands (including Kelagian, Tanjung Putus and Tegal island) are situated in southern part of Lampung, near the Capital Bandar Lampung, so it is easy to reach. A Pahawang bernawa exsptik Island is located in District Highways Punduh, Pesawaran District, Lampung Province, Indonesia deserve to be the option for you to tourist destinations.


The island is already fulfilling some of the requirements as a tourist attraction, Beautiful natures good beaches, under the sea and mountainous nature of the island is very supportive as a tourist destination.




Day-1 Friday


20.00 – 21.00 : Meeting point in Slipi Jaya Mall

21.00 – 24.00 : Jakarta- Merak


Day-2 Saturday


00.00-00.30 : Get tickets ferry boat

00.30-04.00 : Sea journey by ferry boat from Merak harbor to Bakauheni harbor (Lampung)

04.00-07.00 : Land journey Bakauheni Port – Ketapang Harbor (morning Pray for Moslem in the middle of journey)

07.00-08.00 : Have a breakfast ime

08.00-09.00 : Sea journey by traditional boat to Kelagian Besar Island

09.00-10.00 : Check in homestay & preparing snorkeling time

10.00-12.00 : Sea journey Kelagian Besar Island – Tanjung Putus

12.00-16.00 : Snorkeling Time in Tanjung Putus-Pahawang Island(FREE LUNCH)

16.00-16.40 : Hoping Island in Kelagian Kecil Island

16.45-17.15 : Back to Kelagian Besar Island

17.15-18.00 : Sun Set time and Photo hunting

18.00-19.30 : Take a rest, and taking a bath

19.30-20.30 : Dinner time (FREE DINNER)

20.30-22.30 : Friendship Night

22.30-04.30 : Sweet Dreams and Sleeping Time


Day-3 Sunday


04.30-05.00 : Wake up time

05.00-07.00 : Sun Rise Time & Photo session

07.00-08.00 : Take a bath, Breakfast time and Preparing for snorkeling part 2 (FREE BREAKFAST)

08.00-09.00 : Sea journey by traditional boat to Gosong Island

09.00-10.30 : Snorkling & Exploring Gosong Island, Tegalan Island, Mahitem Beach

10.30-11.30 : Back to homestay

11.30-12.30 : Packing, take a bath, and preparing going home

12.30-13.15 : Sea Journey to Ketapang harbor

13.15-14.00 : Lunch time (FREE LUNCH)

14.00-17.00 : Ketapang Harbor-Bakauheni Port

17.00-18.00 : Preparing to enter ferry

18.00-21.00 : Sea journey by ferry boat from Bakauheni harbor to Merak harbor

21.00-24.00 : Merak-Jakarta



FEE TRIP: Rp.699.000/person


-Ticket ferry round trip from Merak harbor to Bakauheni harbor (exclude upgrade class)

-Transportation AC Car ELF RECLINING SEAT 15 seats

-Eat 4x (Lunch in Saturday, Dinner in Saturday, Breakfast in Sunday, and Lunch in Sunday)

-Traditional Homestay (share room)

-Life vest

-Tip Guide

-Local Guide

-Documentation Upwater along the trip

-Driver Tip


– Hat
– Sunblock SPF 50 for face, and SPF 30 for body
– Personal drugs
– Snack
– Shoes or sandals
– Bikini
– Clothes for 2 day 1 night
– Make up kit and bath equipments
– Sun glasses
– Swim suite or wet suite (if you have)

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