Sawarna – The Outstanding Beauty of Banten

trip to sawarna beach

Sawarna beach is one of theremote villag eof Banten region, whichis in Zone Bayah. Sawarna is one section of the south coast ofJava which hasa very beautiful coral. Beingbehind themountain range, makingSawarnarightvacation spotto unwindfrom the bustle ofthe city.The combination ofthe beach,themountains, thequiet village, cantingthe river, and thecharmingrows ofcoconuttrees.

Landscapes of natural beauty tucked away overlooking the Indian Ocean. White sandy beaches, clear blue water and lush rolling green nan. Reaching 65 km long coastline dotted reefs and white sand. This beach is the most beautiful beaches of the five beaches are owned by the Province of Banten.

You will be impressed with the vast stretches of rice fields, beautiful panoramic view of the village, blowing cool air typical agricultural village, and rows of palm trees and teak trees that lined the fence like a calf village.

Sawarna Tourism Village is your starting point to explore the beautiful nature experience interacting with the earthy traditional society. The beach is located in the Village SawarnaGendol, Sawarna Village, District Bayah, Lebak District, Banten Province. This beautiful beach is about 150 km from the city center Rangkasbitung. Travelling on the beach is very pleasant and memorable because of its natural pristine also has a crystal clear sea water is not polluted.


Here the beaches waiting to be captivating eyes and heart. If you are a hobby of surfing or surfing why not feel the waves are spectacular even been sampled surfers from America, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

You can also feel the snorkel to greet variety of ornamental fish and coral reefs. Find beauty in Ciantir Coast, Cape Coast Display, Coral Coast Bokor, Coral Coast Seupang, Taraje Coral Coast and Gulf Coast LegonPari.

Despite of its beautiful beaches in Sawarna there are cave tours. Some of the caves of different sizes you can visit such as: Lalay Goa, Goa Sikadir, Cimaul Goa, Goa Singalong, and Sand Hill Tangkil. Goa in Sawarna a cave karst (limestone) which is formed from the early Miocene.



Day One
-20:30 to 21:30 : Meeting point at Plasa Semanggi (for open trip regular ) or in your place (if you are booked for group)
-21:30 to 4:30     : Overland Jakarta-Sawarna
Day Two
-4:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.    :  Breath taking sun rise time inPulo Beach Manuk(If possible)
-6:00 a.m. to 7:00             : Check inhomestay
-07:00 to 08:30                  : Breakfast,clean-up time
-08:30 to 12:30                   : Tracking and Explore Beach and Surfing Time in Ciantir Beach
-12:30 to 13:00                   : Back toHomestay
-13:00 to 14:00                   : Break and Lunch
-14:00 to 15:30                   : Explore Lalay Cave
-15:30 to 16:30                   : Journey to Karang Taraje Beach
-16:30 to 18:00                   : Eksplore and Photo Hunting at Karang Taraje Beach
-18:00 to 19:00                   : Back to Sawarna
-19:00 to 20:00                   : Clean up time and take a rest
-20.00-21.00                       : Dinner time
-21.00-23.00                       : Stargazing, FriendshipNight
-23.00-04.00                       : Rest

Day Three
-04.00-………..                     :Wake up time
-04:00 to 4:30                     : Preparation hunting sun rise
-4:30 to 05:00                     : Journey to Legoon Pari Beach
-5:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.     : Explore and Photo Hunting Sun Rise Time at Legoon Pari Beach
-6:30 to 7:00 a.m.              : Back to the homestay
-7:00 a.m. to 08:00           : Breakfast Time
-8:00 to 09:00                    : Clean up time
-09:00 to 11:00                  : Explore Langir Cave
-11:00 to 12:00                   : Lunch time
-12:00 to 13:00                   : Prepare check out
-13:00 to 21:00                   : Sawarna – Jakarta and see you on next trip

TRIP PACKAGE                       : Rp.575.000/pax
MINIMUM DEPARTURE    : 14 pax, 18 pax, or 27 pax


  • Transportation with AC Car Reclining Seat from Jakarta-Sawarna Round Trip use short elf or medium bus (based on minimum quota)
  • Homestay shared room max4  people/room close to the beach.
  • Meals 4x
  • Welcome Drink Young Coconut
  • Admission region Sawarna Tourism Village and tiket entrance to all destination
  • Guide Tip
  • Driver Tip


  • Insurance
  • Transportation from home to the meeting point
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals out of trip package
  • “Ojek” from homestay to Ciantir Beach and Legoon Pari Beach

-Minimum Sun block SPF 50 for the face, SPF 30 for the body
-Persona ldrugs
-Bread and snacks
-A powerfulflip flops/sandals tracking/shoes
-Clothes for 2 days 1 night
-Bath equipment
-Sun Glasses
-Camera or Handycam
-Better use short sand avoid green clothes

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