Wonosari is located in Southern of Yogyakarta has many beaches from parangtritis till Woediombo. Every beaches has its unique characteristics. Need some weeks to explore all beaches. So  better choose some then explore it.

No Name of Beaches Location (Village and District)
1   Parangendog   Girijati, Purwosari
2   Klampok   Girijati, Purwosari
3   Watugupit   Giricahyo, Purwosari
4   Grigak   Girikarto, Panggang
5   Kesirat   Girikarto, Panggang
6   Gesing   Girikarto, Panggang
7   Karangtelu   Girikarto, Panggang
8   Bekah   Giripurwo, Purwosari
9   Nampu   Giriwungu, Panggang
10   Ngunggah   Giriwungu, Panggang
11   Ngrenehan   Kanigoro, Saptosari
12   Nguyahan   Kanigoro, Saptosari
13   Ngobaran   Kanigoro, Saptosari
14   Torohudan   Kanigoro, Saptosari
15   Butuh   Krambilsawit, Saptosari
16   Ngedan   Krambilsawit, Saptosari
17   Langkap   Krambilsawit, Saptosari
18   Parangracuk   Kemadang, Tanjungsari
19   Baron   Kemadang, Tanjungsari
20   Kukup   Kemadang, Tanjungsari
21   Sepanjang   Kemadang, Tanjungsari
22   Watukodok   Kemadang, Tanjungsari
23   Sanglen   Kemadang, Tanjungsari
24   Drini   Banjarejo, Tanjungsari
25   Sarangan   Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari
26   Krakal   Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari
27   Slili   Sidoharjo, Tepus
28   Sadranan   Sidoharjo, Tepus
29   Ngandong   Sidoharjo, Tepus
30   Sundak   Sidoharjo, Tepus
31   Somandeng   Tepus, Tepus
32   Pulangsawal (Indrayanti)   Tepus, Tepus
33   Poktunggal   Tepus, Tepus
34   Siung   Purwodadi, Tepus
35   Banyunibo   Purwodadi, Tepus
36   Watutogog   Purwodadi, Tepus
37   Sawahan   Purwodadi, Tepus
38   Pakundon   Purwodadi, Tepus
39   Muncar   Purwodadi, Tepus
40   Songlibeg   Purwodadi, Tepus
41   Lambor  (Nglambor)   Purwodadi, Tepus
42   Ngondo   Purwodadi, Tepus
43   Jogan wetan   Purwodadi, Tepus
44   Busung   Purwodadi, Tepus
45   Timang   Purwodadi, Tepus
46   Jogan   Purwodadi, Tepus
47   Jagang kulon   Purwodadi, Tepus
48   Weru   Purwodadi, Tepus
49   Kelorsirat   Purwodadi, Tepus
50   Ngetan   Purwodadi, Tepus
51   Klumpit   Purwodadi, Tepus
52   Nguluran   Purwodadi, Tepus
53   Jungwok   Jepitu, Girisubo
54   Ngungap   Tileng, Girisubo
55   Wediombo   Jepitu, Girisubo
56   Sadeng   Pucung, Girisubo
57   Krokoh   Songbanyu,Girisubo


In tourism village Bejiharjo there are 3 tourims spot. Here there are :

1)      Gelatik Cave

Located in same location with Pindul Cave and Oyo River. Long time ago this cave was used by people to meditation and got silence feeling. But nowadays used to tourism and nobody can do meditation here. Bringing head lamp is a must because no light inside the cave.

2)      Pindul Cave

Pindul cave has a long 350 meter, long till 5 meter. This cave has 3 zone, bright zone, grey zone, and dark zone. To explore all this zone you have to spent 45 minutes. The water flow in this cave is really calm. Cave tubing means that an activity to explore the cave using tube. In the middle of the cave there is a big room with a hole above that the sun light is entering this hole and making the condition more beautiful. When you explore this cave you will find a stalagtit that being unity with satalagmit.


3)      Oyo River


We will do river tubing along 1,5 Kilometer during 1-2 hours. Along the journey we will see landscape view of rice field and also Karst stone, as Gunung Kidul uniquenss. The deep of oyo River from 7 till 11 meters. Don’t worry and panic while exploreOyo River with tube. It is safe because we use safety gears in our body. While enjoying your journey there is beautiful waterfall, and from higher place you can jump to the river. During the summer time, doing activity as river tubing can make us very relax while listening birds sing.  But in rainy season the flow of water will be so hard. So right time to dare your adrenalin.


ü  2 Days 1 Night Beach Explore

ü  2 Days 1 Night Beach Explore, Caving, and River Tubing

ü  1 Day Trip Beach Explore

ü  1 Day Trip Cave Tubing and River Tubing

ü  2 Days 1 Night Beach explore and hiking to Ngaleran



  • Beaches exploring and photo hunting
  • Caving Gelatik Cave
  • Visit tourism village Bejiharjo
  • Cave Tubing Pindul Cave
  • River Tubing Oyo River


ü  Transportation from Yogyakarta during the trip

ü  Meals (based on your trip package)

ü  Entrance ticket to the beach, Pindul Cave, and Oyo River

ü  Parking, Fuel

ü  Homestay

ü  Local guide

ü  IDEA Trip Indoensia Guide

ü  Documentation during the trip

ü  Insurance for Caving, and River Rafting



For private trip minimum 6 person will be using Avanza or Xenia Car but for group trip minimum 10 people.


It is based on your trip package and the minimum person will follow. So feel free to mix up your vacation style. From backpacker till traveler style. We are ready to serve you.



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